Our Certification

Our Certification


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Yueqing Yingfa Cable Accessories Co., Ltd.


YINGFA is a high-tech enterprise, the company gather a group of experts and scholars, Dr. and high-quality level of professional and technical personnel, the introduction of foreign advanced modern production equipment and detection instruments, specializing in the production of stainless steel cable ties, plastic sprayed stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel banding strap, nylon cable ties, cable glands, wiring ducts, nail clips, wire joints, terminals, number tube, Pipe, cold end of the first class.

YINGFA get a good evaluation of the significant economic benefits and community.

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Give customers enough enthusiasm, respect and caring

No matter in the pre-sale, sale, after-sale full respect for every customer and customer demand, and with the working state of enthusiasm to care for our clients, offering services

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To help customers solve problems

Whether a single product, or our service, as long as customers run into trouble, so customer problem is our problem, want to customers think

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Rapid response to customer demand

When our clients' requirements we expressed his, because customer service personnel training in place, so we can ensure that in the first place immediately to he reacted swiftly to the needs of the urgent need of the client.

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Provide personalized service

Implementation of digital management for customers, and one-on-one health consultation and training, product recommendations, such as personalized quality service, to the customer for effective targeted telephone pays a return visit and other security services.

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